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A loyalty programme for all who enjoy our restaurants.

Get a VIP card and enjoy all the benefits it offers.

These are:

Every 10th lunch for free.

After nine lunches, the tenth is on the house. Every time you get a main course from the lunch menu, ask the staff to put this information on your VIP card. Once you collect nine lunches on the card, the staff will give you a voucher, and next time you get soup and a main course of your choice from the lunch menu for free. You may get your free lunch in any of the restaurants of our network.

Get 10% from your bill back.

We use your VIP card to sum up all your consumption in our restaurants. If you spend a thousand CZK with us, we put additional 50 CZK on the card. Once the sum of all your spending reaches 50 000 CZK, after that you will get additional 70 CZK for ever thousand spent. And if you exceed 100 000 CZK, you will get 100 CZK for every thousand spent. We add all your consumption to the total sum, including meals from the lunch menu.

Good food and drinks make people come together

Eating and drinking in good company is definitely more pleasurable than alone. And your friends and acquaintances can help you with your VIP card bonuses. Treat your friends to their meals or drinks – such good deed will add to the total bonus on your VIP card.

How does it work?

  • Ask the staff for a new VIP card and fill out a registration form.
  • You may start using your card the very next day – it gets activated within 24 hours from submission of the form.
  • Show your VIP card prior to any payment in our restaurants. We add the money you spend to your account.
  • Each payment receipt shows your current total balance.
  • The card is non-transferable. Bonuses from multiple cards cannot be added together.
  • The collected bonuses are valid for 1 year after the last time you use the card. If your card does not get used for more than 2 years, it gets deactivated automatically.
  • How do you use your bonuses? You get a discount next time to pay.


Each year, the most loyal of our guests get original gifts in the form of free services from our portfolio.

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