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We run hotels and restaurants with enthusiasm, from the heart.

Be our guest.

We are a family business that owns interesting properties in Prague. Because we love people, we believe that the buildings must be alive. Everyone will find their home here. In some of our premises, you can live well, and in others sit, drink and eat well.

Every meal has a story.

First-class chefs and first-class ingredients are behind a first-class taste experience. We have both. Menus in all our restaurants are prepared by professionals who are respected in gastronomic circles. We innovate traditional Czech meals using modern technologies and adapt them to 21st century tastes. Even your granny will ask us for the recipe.

We take care of beer as if it were our own.

Our beer, whether Pilsner Urquell or Velkopopovický Kozel, is renowned throughout Prague. We pay special attention to its treatment and storage. We pamper the beer in big tanks, and our bartenders are masters in their field.

Your guests are also our guests.

We organize events, whether they are pig slaughter feasts, barbecues at one of our restaurants, or a party in your home. With our Český catering team, we will come to you anywhere; meadow or castle. We do not need water or electricity. We will bring everything with us, including running water or a mobile pizza oven. We cook on site and decorate according to the style of the event.

Do you want to be left in peace? We can do that for you.

We will accommodate you in a spacious modern apartment, or in generous Art Nouveau apartments below Petřín Hill. We design all rooms and apartments as if we were designing our own and we always respect the layout of a particular space and its genius loci.

We cherish Czech traditions

Whether we are cooking the traditional roast sirloin in cream sauce or furnishing an apartment, we always keep Czech traditions in mind. We carry them on but also cultivate them in an innovate way, using state-of-the-art technologies, newest design and best materials and ingredients. We guarantee top quality and we hope that with us you will feel at home.

Ventura Group is a family

Our family business offers excellent services to all who share our values. We listen to our guests and employees alike and we carry on the traditions and culture of Czech cuisine and hospitality. Our team consists only of dedicated and professional staff who take pride in what they do. Below you can read about Honza Horký, the indispensable executive chef in our restaurants.

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